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Service and Storage Rates

Lawson Boat & Motor is a well staffed marina that is determined to deliver premium service & storage. Each boat that comes in, receives an entire hours worth of inspection before entering any type of storage environment.  By identifying any problems up front, we can provide a detailed analysis of what we believe your boat needs to perform at the highest level for years to come. We have an entire building dedicated to winterizing and restorative work, as well as onsite consultative services to ensure clear and effective problem resolution.

In addition to the concierge services we provide, we have brand new, fully insulated and climate controlled facilities where your boat will come our just as it went in.  Our indoor climate controlled environment allows proper air circulation throughout the entire facility, minimizing external or mechanical problems a boat could incur in other cold storage environments.  Because our facilities are completely insulated, from the floor to the roof, we believe your boat is significantly less susceptible to any type of debris that could enter the storage facility.

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